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Offering speciality foods since 2013

-   ABOUT US  -

Culturally known for zest and intensity.  Mexican inspired salsa has undeniably been added to the vibrant flavors of the world.  


Mama Chelos is first generation in a Chihuahuan family of restaurateurs. In 1973 she closed her drive up style restaurant which specialized in hamburgers; taquitos and shredded green chili burritos to follow her intuition and begin preparing for a new life and residency in the United States. Mama Chelo was a devoted wife and mother of seven children. Her loving, compassionate, sympathetic heart, created the forgiving loving person she transpired to be.


She enjoyed cooking authentic and traditional Mexican dishes on the daily in her very own kitchen. Ama also adored to socialize with family, friends and loved to dance. Upon her arrival in fall of 1975, she began to produce her salsa but only as a household condiment in Phoenix, Az. Inevitably all her children began to have families and would suggest she bring her salsa to all of their family functions. Overtime, her involvement in Mexican culture and heritage in the community were recognized and gathered by many others. To date, we continue to perform many of the faithful family traditions Mama Chelo has embedded in our spirits. Subsequently after her passing, family members decided to keep her legacy and family beliefs sustained to passed down to new generations to come.


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