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Our Story

Mama Chelos is a cherished first-generation endeavor, born from the passion and expertise of a Chihuahuan family of restaurateurs. In 1973, Mama Chelo made a brave decision to follow her heart and embark on a new journey in the United States. Prior to that, she had lovingly operated a drive-up style restaurant, serving delectable hamburgers, taquitos, and shredded green chili burritos.

A devoted wife and mother of seven children, Mama Chelo's compassionate and sympathetic nature made her the loving person she was known to be. In her very own kitchen, she delighted in crafting daily doses of authentic and traditional Mexican dishes, infusing them with her heart and soul.

Beyond her culinary talents, Mama Chelo loved to engage in lively social gatherings with family and friends, and she found immense joy in dancing. Upon her arrival in Phoenix, AZ, in the fall of 1975, she began crafting her signature salsa, initially meant solely as a household condiment. However, as word of her incredible salsa spread, her children urged her to share it with the wider community at their family functions.

As time went on, Mama Chelo's profound connection to Mexican culture and heritage became evident, and her involvement in the community grew stronger. Her traditions and values resonated deeply with those around her, and her legacy continues to thrive. Today, we proudly carry on her faithful family traditions, preserving the essence of Mama Chelo's spirit in every dish we serve.

After her passing, family members were determined to uphold her legacy and pass down her culinary expertise and family beliefs to future generations. Thus, Mama Chelos was born - a tribute to the matriarch whose love for food, family, and Mexican culture left an indelible mark on all of us.

At Mama Chelos, we embrace our history, ensuring that each bite is a celebration of Mama Chelo's enduring love and devotion. With each plate we serve, we honor her memory and share the essence of her heartwarming spirit with our cherished customers.

Join us on this flavorful journey as we continue to cherish the traditions, values, and the culinary delights that have been lovingly handed down to us from Mama Chelo herself.

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